Hello there and welcome to my tumblr!
The name is Maria. I'm 19, in college, and spend all my free time on cosplaying. I am a part of the Pixie Poker Productions cosplay group. You can find us at PixiePokers on Youtube or (: -
My blog will mainly be random cosplay stuff, but also funny quotes and pictures.
Enjoy the randomness!


Things we lost in the fire - Sirius x Remus

We have reached 10.000 views on our Marauders - Bad Touch, so we made a little video for you!


Anonymous asked: What happened to your old James?



Hello Anon!
Our old James quit the group a while back, so our Lily took off her skirt and put on her awesomeness(according to James at least.. According to Sirius and Remus it’s questionable..) and is now our new and lovely James! :D


The Marauders - “We solemnly swear that we’re up to no good!”

Pixie Poker Productions' facebook page →


Hey everyone!

We’ve made ourselves a facebook page! Join us :)

Blue Month - Pretty →


Here is the second video out of nine!

New member


*Insert fanfare*

The Pixie Pokers are proud to introduce a new member of the group!

Her first appearance with us will be at SVS-Con the 2nd to the 4th of May, where she will be cosplaying one of Captain America’s USO girls.

Please welcome our newest (and smartest) member, Rikke! :D

Howard & Peggy - A pixiepoking act Svscon 2014 →

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Our newest cosplays!
At SVS-con we used our newest cosplays. The dresses are made by Anna with help from the others. Do you like them? :) Also, tall USO girl is our newest member Rikke!

Blue Month - Eye of the tiger →

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